About Me

I've been working as a professional Bassist in the Southwest U.S. since the late '70s.  (1970s not 1870s) Over the course of the last 42 years, I've had the honour of playing with many amazingly talented musicians such as:


Yesenia McNett

"Uptown" Alan Barnette

Austin Music Hall of Famer, Terri Lord

Drew Womack

Tres Womack

Big John Mills

Kevin Hall

Sharee' Allison

Michael "The Hammer" Baez

The Bastrop Opera House

Rob Bentley

Elaine Bock

T. Jarrod Bonta

Michael Shane Borden & The Diesel Kings

Linda Bradshaw

The Brass Tax

The Chubby Knuckle Choir

The Circle Arts Theater

Dr. Joey Colarusso

Ralph Cortez

Katy Rose Cox

Troy Dillinger

Miss Xanna Don't & The Wanted

Daniel David

Phil Dutra

Rob Fedson

Chrissy Flatt

Elaine Bock

Albert " I LOVE THIS GUY" Garcia

The Georgetown Palace Theater

The Groove Doctors

Roy Heinrich & The Pickups

Jamie Hilboldt

Lannie Hilboldt

Doug Johnson

Kasey Keahey

Lonnie Key & Texas Connection

Terry Kirkendall

Joy Lindsey

Monte Mann

Grant Mazak

Omar Molina

Bob Overton

Ace Pepper

Ralph Power

The Psychic Cowboys

Rock & Soul

Michael St. Clair

James Shelton

Billy Staggs

Trey Stapleton

Herb Steiner

The Time Warps

The Undefeated Ladies of Wrestling

(Grammy Winner) Rebecca Valadez 

Alan Vassberg

Mark Vassberg

Haydn Vitera

David Webb

David "The Swami" White

Rick White

The Gadget White Band